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Looking for UK TV for your Villa, Hotel or Apartments?

UKTV Baleares is the premier supplier of UK TV via the Internet in Ibiza.

Distributors for NOW TV in the Balearic Islands.       

Note: Now TV does not work with Spanish Routers therefor we include for free a UK VPN router ( small monthly fee applies )

Basic NOW TV Box with free UK VPN router £49.99 + UK VAT & shipping     Total Cost €81.72   

4K UHD NOW TV Box with free UK VPN router £59.99 + UK VAT & shipping Total Cost €94.84

NOW TV STICK with free UK VPN router £20.00 + UK VAT & shipping           Total Cost €43.58 

Exchange Rate £1.00 = €1.09

There is a small monthly Network Access Fee of £15. to access our UK Servers as NOW TV Boxes will not work with European Routers.

No expensive or unsightly Satellite Antennas required, just a good Internet connection with a minimum of 5MB download speed.

New for 2020: Introducing the BLADE Free view IPTV Box. Receives BBC, ITV, Channel 4 & 5 along with 45 other free channels. Great for Summer Rentals. 4MB download speed required. Ideal if you have Fiber Optic Broadband. €110.99 includes 20% UK VAT & shipping to Spain + £20.00 month for 50 HD channel Subscription........Cancel anytime. No VPN required will work with Spanish routers.

Request a Channel List via Messenger.

New Sky Satellite Receivers if you already have a Satellite Antenna installed at your premises.

Sky+ HD Recording Model DRX 890  500GB  €263:99 delivered to Ibiza

Sky Q Recording Model 2 TB €499.00 delivered to Ibiza

Sky Q Recording Model 1 TB €249.00 delivered to Ibiza

Prices includes UK VAT, packing & shipping from the UK to Ibiza., latest exchange rate £ to €...... Exchange Rate £1.00 = €1.09


Sky Q Receiver 1TB for  £249.00 Price includes VAT, Packing & Shipping from the UK. Price in Euro €313,80

Sky Subscription Cards available for all your Sports, Movies and Entertainment...£100. per year Management Fee + Monthly Sky Subscription of your choice if you don't have a UK address..

Card is Free if you provide a UK Address for Sky.

For UK TV Contact us @ 691 92 44 98 during business hours.

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